Rabu, 02 September 2015

About Myself

       Hello, everyone. My name is Aruni Cahya Irfannadhira, but you can call me Aruni. I was born in Jakarta, June 21st 2001. I'm a senior high school student in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung at X IPA 4. My age is usually younger than most of my friends because I entered elementary school earlier than the usual age. My previous school before I study in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung is SMP Negeri 5 Bandung.
      As you know, I'm currently in 10th grade now, so I'm still a junior. In my school, we're supposed to choose two interests or additional classes beside our compulsory subjects, and I chose English and Germany. So, it's actually because one of the tasks from my english additional class teacher that I made this blog.
       I live in Jalan Kebon Bibit Barat No.33, Taman Sari. It's not too far from my school. It's around 10 minutes to get there from my house by car. I'm actually javanese. My mother come from Semarang, Central Java, and my father is a mix of Malang, East Java and Mataram, Lombok. Even if I have no sundanese blood, but I've lived in Bandung for a long time, since I was a kindergarten schooler. I have a pretty big family. I have two brothers and three sisters. My eldest brother already has a job, the second one is still in college, the third is in SMA Negeri 5 Bandung, fourth is me, and my two younger sisters are in SMP Negeri 5 Bandung.
      Now, it's about my favorites. One of my hobbies is playing piano. I've been playing piano since around 4 years ago. And my other hobby is reading books. I have so many kind of books in my house. Since everyone in my house likes to read, so we have so many collection of books. My favorite subjects when I was in junior high school are Math and English. But I kind of think about it again, and math in senior high school is really difficult so I have to really work on it. If you ask about my favorite food, I don't think I can answer it because I'm not really picky when it comes to food:)
     So, that's all, a little information about me.